At Samsara Collection we believe the future of the fashion industry should be sustainably focused, honest and have a positive impact on the environment and our community whether here in NZ, or from those communities where the brands we house employ their workers.

Join us as we progress and grow to better our practices through this wonderful industry. 

Here at Samsara, we are a small, presently all female team, with everyone having an essential role in running the business.  We seek in house for arranging photo shoots, styling, social media content, drawing collections, sampling garments and drawing our prints. All hands are always on deck, and we love and cherish the wonderful little team we have. 

We are all about natural fabrics at Samsara - these not only have a lesser impact on the environmental waste in our world, but also on communities and livelihoods in the way it is produced.  As fabric is so precious, and often difficult to get our hands on, we value our selected fabrics immensley.  
Our collection numbers are often based on very small runs, and we will often make very small capsules based on leftover offcuts or metres of fabric with only a handful of dresses. 

We are so lucky to be able to choose our own fashion calendar, meaning we work within our own frameworks, and not the typical seasons of 'fast fashion'. By working within our own timelines - gives us the time we both deserve to communicate, design, sample and produce the beautifully made small batches of garments we produce.
It is important to us, that you choose styles carefully and make sure your new piece compliments your existing wardrobe.

Given the opportunity, we will forever put our planet and our beautiful community first. We will continue to progress and update you on our sustainable practices as we move forward. That's why you'll notice we are fazing out some of our 'old' brands and introducing new brands to our Samsara which align with this idealogy.

Please get in touch if there are other areas of sustainable sourcing and manufacturing that you would love to see us explore. We are here to journey with you!